• Review the complete list of DocLands Education programs, and select the films you would like your class(es) to view.
  • Click on the REGISTER NOW button, and fill out the form to let us know your film selections and how many students will take part.
  • You may choose more than one film, but you must fill out a separate registration form for each one.
  • Once we receive your registration(s), we will contact you to confirm the details of your order in case you need to make any changes or updates.
  • After your order is confirmed, we will send you simple login instructions for you and your students to access your film(s) on the CFI Education Online platform. *Note: We have streamlined this process so your students can now all use your email address and one password to log in. We will not need email addresses for all participants.
  • Once you log in to the CFI Education Online platform for your virtual DocLands Film Festival field trip, you and your students will have free access to your selected film(s), the pre-recorded Q&A(s), and the curriculum resources all in one place.

All films will be available to stream from May 3–16 on our CFI Education Online platform.