Photos © Tommy Lau Photography

CAFILM Education’s Filmmakers Go to School program connects elementary, middle, and high school students with filmmakers from around the world by coordinating on-site visits to schools throughout the Bay Area.

As a result, filmmakers get the chance to share their work with—and get direct feedback from—young audiences, and students get the unique opportunity to meet filmmakers and engage in in-depth discussions about their work and the art, craft, and business of filmmaking.

For school groups that are unable to travel to the theater, we also offer this additional interactive program in which filmmakers can visit your school. Throughout the Festival (and often several days beyond), CAFILM Education staff members take filmmaker guests out to school campuses to meet with students in their classrooms or auditoriums for live, in-depth discussions about their films and the art and craft of filmmaking.

NOTE: CAFILM Education is currently short-staffed, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we fulfill all of your requests.