Film has the power to inspire, to educate and to create community. CFI Education is building the next generation of filmmakers and film lovers through our innovative programs. Using film as a personalized educational tool, these programs promote openness and a sophisticated world view by expanding classroom topics across borders and disciplines.

CFI Education offers 100 free annual screenings for school groups and their families, filmmaking workshops and a year-long cinema appreciation curriculum, touching the lives of over 5,000 children annually. Utilizing a broad range of activities, ranging from Q&A sessions with top international filmmakers to seminars with industry professionals

Working closely with 200 Bay Area schools and community groups, CFI Education presents the following educational programs :

A crash course in critical thinking, filmmaking, film curating and film festivals for high school students, a smaller group from which move on to curate a selection of youth-produced films from all over the world to be screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Click here for complete program information.

An annual school-year curriculum that guides groups of 100 high school students from diverse backgrounds around the Bay Area through a series of carefully selected international films that address universal coming-of-age issues. Click here for complete program information.

An intensive five day workshop taught during school vacations for at-risk youth who are recruited by local social service agencies. Each participant learns basic filmmaking and writing skills in order to produce individual 3-5 minute films about themselves, their friends, families and place in the community. Click here for complete program information.

An annual all day film festival accompanied by small group workshops and presentations by environmental groups. The EYF focuses on the difficult questions facing this generation concerning the environment, pollution, global change and their possible solutions. Films and discussions are geared toward challenging issues and how we can, in turn, educate others about them. Click here for complete program information.