10:00 am  •  Grades 1-5
Total program 95 min

This fun and enlightening collection of animated and documentary shorts from around the globe explores a variety of environmental issues from plastic pollution in the oceans to climate change to endangered wildlife, while exploring our personal connections to nature and the animal kingdom.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar (Switzerland 2017, 4 min)
Norma’s Story (Canada 2015, 6 min)
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (UK 2016, 26 min)
Under the Sea Debris (US 2017, 4 min)
Not Mine, Ours (US, 2017, 3 min)
Dam! The Story of Kit the Beaver (Canada 2016, 12 min)
Verge (US 2017, 3 min)
Step One (US 2017, 2 min)
When Balloons Fly (Australia 2017, 4 min)
Funny Fish (France/Switzerland 2017, 6 min)

GUEST SPEAKER: Eileen Jones, Wildcare Education Director

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10:30 am  •  Grades 6-12
Total program 97 min

Diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia, and short-term memory problems, Tori finds her greatest teacher in nature, spending a “gap year” living semi-primitively with four other young women in the Oregon Cascade Mountains.
US 2017, 72 min | Director Molly Kruezman

GUEST SPEAKER: Director Molly Kruezman

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11:15 am  •  Grades 10-12
Screening + Workshop  |  Total program 150 min

Capturing the true scale of the global environmental crisis, Metamorphosis takes the pulse of our Earth and bears witness to a moment of profound change: the loss of one world, and the birth of another. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish, and entire ecosystems collapse. Economic growth, tied to increased speed of resource extraction, has created a machine with the capacity to destroy all life. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning images, Metamorphosis carves a path from the present to the future, and offers a bold new vision for humanity and the world. In English, Spanish and Italian with English subtitles. Canada 2018, 85 min | Directors Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper

Following the screening, the filmmakers will lead a one-hour experiential workshop called Metamorphosis Journey, which explores transformation in the face of planetary emergency. Students will move through the stages of Chrysalis, Crisis, Catharsis, Symbiosis, and Metamorphosis, personalizing this arc, and applying it to their own lives. Short films, representing each of these stages, will be integrated throughout the workshop.
Note: There will be a short break between the film screening and the workshop. It is recommended that all students bring their lunch, which they will be allowed to eat in the theater during the break and at the start of the workshop.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Directors Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper

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12:00 pm  •  Grades 8-12
Total program 110 min

Wasted! aims to change the way people buy, cook, recycle and eat food. Through the eyes of chef-heroes like Anthony Bourdain, Dan Barber, Massimo Bottura and Danny Bowien, audiences will see how the world’s most influential chefs make the most of every kind of food, transforming what most people consider scraps into incredible dishes that create a more secure food system. Wasted! exposes the criminality of food waste and how it’s directly contributing to climate change and shows us how each of us can make small changes to solve one of the greatest problems of the 21st Century.
US 2017, 85 min | Directors Anna Chai, Nari Kye

GUEST SPEAKER: Kathy Carver, Manager, Food Donor Relations, Extra Food


12:30 pm  •  Grades 6-12
Total program 96 min

Across every continent, on land and on water, humans are actively working to identify, document, protect, and conserve a myriad of endangered species that are struggling to survive in the face of numerous manmade threats to their habitats and populations. This diverse collection of international shorts introduces a wild menagerie from orcas and penguins to orangutans, polar bears, grizzly bears and turtles.

Step One (US 2017, 2 min)
The Hundred-Year-Old Whale (Canada 2017, 15 min)
Verge (US 2017, 3 min)
Fix and Release (Canada 2017, 16 min)
Prescription Strength Convenience (US 2017, 2 min)
Person of the Forest (US 2017, 17 min)
Ghosts of the Arctic (Australia 2017, 7 min)
Time for the Grizzly (US 2017, 14 min)
Birdlime (Canada 2017, 11 min)
Wildlife and the Wall (US 2017, 5 min)
Big Boom (Russia 2016, 4 min)



These additional interactive resources are a great way for your students to supplement their EYF experiences either before or after a film screening. To reserve space for your class in one or both of these activities, please email Melanie Nichols.

ACTIVE CINEMA ROOM  |  Smith Rafael Film Center, Mark Fishkin Room
Before, after, and between screenings, students can engage directly with a variety of environmental activists, organizations, and issues through hands-on demonstrations and presentations including a Mobile Climate Science Lab and two new virtual reality (VR) exhibits:

An immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.
Directors Adam Loften. Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

A 360-degree exploration of the very real threat of sea-level rise on the small Pacific Island of Kirbati.
Director Matthieu Rytz

AFTER NATURE – ART EXHIBIT  | ArtWorks Downtown, 1337 Fourth Street, San Rafael
There is a rich history of artists working in nature and with scientific research specimens to render animals, insects and plants in all their diverse splendor. We are also at a point in time when nature is inseparable from human influence. We have forever changed ecosystems, the landscape and the climate, leaving the nonhuman life of the planet to respond and adapt—or perish. This exhibition seeks to explore a catalog of living things and to reflect upon the future of “natural” development in the Anthropocene Era, the Age of Humans.