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Once Shana (Sunshine O’Donovan) played violin side by side with her mother, joyfully accompanying the Wolf Clan’s ceremonies and celebrations. But with her mom’s passing, the magic disappears from her life. Then one day, as she plays her violin under the ancestor tree, Shana senses the presence of the wolf, drawn by her music. That music, her teacher’s belief in her gift and its link to a rich and sacred First Nations legacy, and the wolf’s guidance break down Shana’s walls, sending her on a vision quest and offering her a chance for a brighter future. Italian-Swiss writer/director Nino Jacusso traveled to Canada to make this tender coming-of age drama that is populated by a cast that includes many of The People of the Creeks from Merritt, British Columbia, and graced by an evocative soundscape that emphasizes not just Shana’s music, but her connection to the natural world. Director: Nino Jacusso